Be an author for diva-e Textprovider

We are always looking for freelance authors to join our team!

As an online publisher, diva-e Textprovider GmbH completes copywriting projects for various uses including corporate publishing and SEO. We act as a supplier to publishing houses and in-house or agency SEO departments. Our service covers both one-off, large-volume projects as well as regular, recurring needs.

For our multifaceted, ever-growing customer base, we are looking for talented and reliable authors who can write articles for us on a project-specific, freelance basis. You can expect varied work on very different projects from many different sectors, for example:

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Medicine & Health
  • Shopping & Lifestyle
  • Sport
  • Electronics & Engineering
  • IT & Technology
  • House & Garden
  • Politics & Society
  • Arts & Crafts …and many more

Our languages

  • English (UK/US)
  • Polish
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Greek
  • Turkish

What to expect at diva-e Textprovider

diva-e Textprovider won’t leave you feeling alone with your work. We don’t distribute contracts anonymously and impersonally via a project database, but individually taking your strengths and interests into account. Together with clients, our Project Managers (PMs) develop a detailed brief for the production of articles, decide on a suitable author pool for each project and invite you personally to participate in a project. For each of your articles, you will always receive constructive feedback from your Project Manager. We take care of customer liaison, so you can concentrate on writing articles. And if you have any questions, our PM team are there for you with help and advice.

We are looking for:

  • Journalists
    Are you a (specialised) journalist with spare capacity? With diva-e Textprovider, you can bridge gaps in your work and contribute flexibly to ever-changing projects. Here, you can expect editorially varied articles – from how-to guides, news articles to buzz content, from concept development to writing the article. You decide on the projects you work on. Apply now by submitting a sample text!
  • Students
    Are you studying the arts or humanities or do you have specialist knowledge on a particular subject thanks to your studies? Is writing your passion and do you know how to structure sentences clearly and explain your subject appropriately? Do you possess excellent orthographic and grammatical knowledge? Then apply now with a sample text!
  • (Online) Editors
    Are you an editor and ideally have experience in writing online articles? Is thorough research, conceptual work and relevant preparation of information a normal part of your workflow? Do you understand how to fulfil various demands for style and structure? Then support us! Click here to submit a sample text.
  • Copywriters
    Are you used to writing commercial texts that are perfectly tailor-made for the target group? Are you confident in your use of words and can cope with different formats from product descriptions to corporate image texts? Then submit a sample text and become a freelance author with diva-e Textprovider!
  • SEO authors
    Do you have experience in producing search engine optimised content? Do you possess excellent orthographic and grammatical knowledge and can comprehensively cover topics from background research, to article structure followed by faultless production of text? Then apply by submitting a sample text – we have several interesting e-commerce projects and a lot more.
  • Experts and Specialist Authors
    Are you an expert in one or several areas? Can you structure your knowledge in a reader-friendly way? Do you have profound orthographic and grammatical knowledge? Then you are in the right place! From high-value knowledge articles to e-book production, we can offer many opportunities for regular, project-based co-operation. Apply now!
  • Career changers
    Do you love writing but haven’t had the opportunity to gather much experience? Do you have a strong feel for formulation, a grip of orthography and grammar and would like to use your talents professionally? Show us your writing flair and strengthen our freelance author pool – register now and submit a sample text!

How to apply to diva-e Textprovider:

  1. Register online to submit a sample text. You can then choose „Probetextverfahren“ in our main navigation.
  2. If you want to visit our website later, you can log-in with your username in the application area. You will directly be redirected to your area.
  3. Select and download a suitable briefing.
  4. If you have any questions whilst writing the article, please contact the relevant Project Manager shown in the briefing.
  5. Email your text within two weeks to the relevant Project Manager and copy in
  6. You will receive feedback to your text within a week.